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Accusations cont.


5. Dear Acad. Ginsburg,
             You are an outstanding physicist and belong to the elite scientific team on Earth, who has received honors, because they have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind' as specified in the will of Alfred Nobel You have mentioned, that during your more than sixty years of practical work you do not know of an instance where a truly valuable work or idea in the field of physics has not been published in your magazine.Seeking to be published in your magazine, Dr. G. Shipov had sent you his first work on General relativistic electrodynamics with tensor potential (Izvestia VUZOV, Physics, 10,1972, p 98-104) in August of 1972, followed by another attempt in 1992 with his book Problems of Elementary interactions in physics (Moscow, MSU, 1979, 146 p), then thirdly, jointly with Prof L. Keldysh, his scientific supervisor, you were given Dr. Shipov's next monograph Program of general relativity and theory of vacuum (VINITI, N Moscow, 1988, 131 p).
             All three times his works had been lost from your office table.Recently Dr. Shipov has completed an impressive work. His theoretical articles, lessons, experimental results are available at as well as working models in his laboratory.Now you may be glad to congratulate a colleague, who achieved really significant results.During World Year of Physics 2005, when the entire world celebrates top achievements in physics, all Russian physicists will be looking for your enlightening advice and wise support that may contribute to a better future and greater prosperity of the country.

With best wishes for RAS and Russia,
Marina Lobova


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