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To Acad. E. P. Kruglyakov,

Prof.A. Konkretny,
Acad. V.L. Ginzburg
Russian Academy of Sciences' (RAS)
Commission on fight with Fraud
in Science, Pseudoscientists
and Torsion Fields

Dear Sirs,
Since Russian Academy of Science's (RAS) Commission on fight with Fraud in Science, Pseudoscientists and Torsion Fields
has launched a campaign against the work of Dr. G. Shipov, I would like to respond to your references in websites as well as to ask you several questions:
1. Fraud means:
A. an act of criminal dishonesty, for example: to get money by fraud;
B. False science.
i) Shipov has never received money by fraud as it was claimed by members of Your commission: his research is privately funded and done with good will. Can you provide the proof that Dr. Shipov received money by fraud?
ii) Concerning scientific verification: please, have a look at his website Dr. Shipov's fundamental theory, validated by experimental results; articles, lessons, video clips of experiments are on his website together with working model, which is available for viewing in his laboratory at any time.
C. Do you have any serious objection to the above?
2. Torsion: Torsion had been used by F. Frenet since 1847, then from 1895 by G. Ricci (to describe rotation as an analytical expression of what we call torsion), later by R.Weitzenbock from 1923-24, E. Cartan from 1926-27, A. Einstein from 1927-28.Unfortunately, your scientific advisors did not inform you of the origin of the term torsion, before your team attempted to make it a trade-mark term for your pseudoscience campaign.Your Initiative resembles the Pseudo genetics campaign from Nikita Khrushchev's time, which threw the USSR backwards for many years. Do you intend to repeat it with pseudo torsion related to physics? If not, then ask your advisors to update you.The world is encountering technologies, created by vacuum metric engineering of warp. Professionals will be lost, if they do not know about Ricci rotation of local space, Riemann local space time curvatures, the properties of vacuum, etc. So should Russian scientists learn from foreign scientists again?!Please, do not repeat such dramatic mistakes for Russia and do not mislead the talented scientists, who wish to and have to study the truth about nature, energy, matter, etc. Do not mislead gifted engineers, who need up-todate knowledge to enhance their inventions. The real scientist is he who is searching for the truth about nature and about the laws of the universe. If a scientist stops his study, he stops being a scientist. Luckily, there are more discoveries forthcoming:
Objectively, the desired breakthroughs might be impossible to achieve. Reciprocally, history has shown that breakthroughs tend to take the pessimists by surprise - Mark Millis.
3. Dear Acad. Kruglyakov, why have you chosen this anonym character, Prof. A. Konkretny, to be the spokesman for the RAS Commission on fight with Fraud in Science, Pseudoscientists and Torsion Fields? How can an anonym lead a campaign for a national organization such as the Russian Academy of Sciences, that represents the intellectual and scientific frontier of a significant country?

Accusations cont.


4. Our brief analysis of Prof. A.K.'s identity.
A. Teamwork:
* Amazingly prolific in writing for a single person: number of subjects, volume of work, etc.
* Too much presence: he participates at many chats, websites, etc.
* His pen-styles vary too much: from good English to lowest Russian jargon.
B. Strategic methods:
* Targets too many talented scientists at the same time.
* Likes to humiliate his victims and to harass them psychologically.
C. Multiple personalities:
*One day — he fights, another day — he wishes to become our ally, on a third day he asks us to slap his face, see the original: From Prof. A.Konkretny: Commission on fight with Fraud in Science, Pseudoscientists and Torsion Fields, etc. (Translation: Seriously speaking, in your place, I would slap the face of such a character as Konkrentny, as well as others).
D. Social activities:
* ·He claims that he has met with such prominent foreign scientists as A. Krish, A. Troutman, etc.
Recently, several people were disturbed by Prof. A.K.'s harassing activities, and initiated an investigation into his true identity. The discovery had been stunning: 90% of Prof. A. Konkretny's e-mails had been launched from Khrunichev's Research Institute of Space Systems (KRI SS), — our partners to be. No comments!

Some considerations:
* ·KRI SS has replicated Dr. Shipov's prototype of the 4-D Gyroscope in 2002 to study his works.
* ·In 2003 KRI SS released a book Propulsion Systems Without Rejection of Masses (the title was derived from Shipov's former work), the content of which has been principally based upon Dr. Shipov's fundamental research (up to 40%), without seeking his permission. Dr. Shipov has not even been included as one of the authors of this book?
* ·Recently, in November 2004, KRI SS made an announcement that they are going to build a new type of propulsion system without rejection of masses. But they say they are working with the fields of unknown nature. Meanwhile, earlier in 2003, as above, they had published their book Foundation of the Propulsion Motion Without Rejection of Mass, based upon Dr. Shipov's foundation for the motion without refection of mass, Theory of physical vacuum, his experimental results, that explains the nature of the fields, they are working with.
The above is not the only case of plagiarism against hard working Dr. G. Shipov (I admire his patience!) Another RAS's shameful experience:
* ·Dr. N.N.Popov simply copied a chapter A 4 Geodesic Equations from Theory of Physical Vacuum and published a new monograph About one approach in the theory of calibrating fields (RAS, Moscow, 1997) under his own name — N.N. Popov!
* ·In 2002 Dr. N.N. Popov again copied ideas and geometry from Dr. Shipov's Theory of physical vacuum and released his next book New ideas about space time and the problem of geometrization of the matter (URSS, Moscow, 2002) without any references.
* ·Since 1991 RAS Dr. V.I. Panov had been working with Dr. Shipov, borrowed a lot of materials, prototypes, designs, etc, as his pupil. Nowadays Dr. V.I. Panov announced himself an inventor of a device that works due to the fields of unknown nature without any references to Dr.Shipov's works.
The conclusion: an anonym mask was required to hide Shadows of the Mind tactic — to morally destroy Dr. Shipov and to consume Intellectual results of his works?!

Accusations cont.


5. Dear Acad. Ginsburg,
             You are an outstanding physicist and belong to the elite scientific team on Earth, who has received honors, because they have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind' as specified in the will of Alfred Nobel You have mentioned, that during your more than sixty years of practical work you do not know of an instance where a truly valuable work or idea in the field of physics has not been published in your magazine.Seeking to be published in your magazine, Dr. G. Shipov had sent you his first work on General relativistic electrodynamics with tensor potential (Izvestia VUZOV, Physics, 10,1972, p 98-104) in August of 1972, followed by another attempt in 1992 with his book Problems of Elementary interactions in physics (Moscow, MSU, 1979, 146 p), then thirdly, jointly with Prof L. Keldysh, his scientific supervisor, you were given Dr. Shipov's next monograph Program of general relativity and theory of vacuum (VINITI, N Moscow, 1988, 131 p).
             All three times his works had been lost from your office table.Recently Dr. Shipov has completed an impressive work. His theoretical articles, lessons, experimental results are available at as well as working models in his laboratory.Now you may be glad to congratulate a colleague, who achieved really significant results.During World Year of Physics 2005, when the entire world celebrates top achievements in physics, all Russian physicists will be looking for your enlightening advice and wise support that may contribute to a better future and greater prosperity of the country.

With best wishes for RAS and Russia,
Marina Lobova


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