Maplelane Golden's Puppy Application

Our goal is to place each of our puppies in a well suited home where the puppy will meet the owner's expectations and the owners will provide a home that matches the puppy's personality and takes advantage of the puppy's talents and skills. To help with this process, we ask that you complete the following questionnaire to formalize your interest in one of our puppies. Acceptance of the form by Maplelane Goldens does not guarantee you a puppy but will enable you to be considered for one of our pups. You are able to complete this form online and submit it or you may print it, complete it and email to

Personal Information Section
Other Household Members Section
Puppy Expectations Section
How did you hear about us *
Do you have a strong preference for one sex or the other? *
Since you are purchasing this puppy as a pet, do you understand that this animal is not being sold as a breeding quality animal so you cannot breed it during its lifetime? *
Are you on any other breeders’ puppy lists?
Home Information Section
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Type of Home *
Do you have a fully fenced yard? *
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Do you or anyone living in your household smoke?
Pet Ownership History Section
Our Expectations of You
Keeping a golden retriever is not an inexpensive venture, between quality food, veterinary care, and training. Are you confident that you know how much this dog will cost you to maintain and that you have the resources to do so? *
Health and Feeding Section
Are you willing to consider a homemade and/or commercial raw diet for your dog? *
Support Services Section
Control, Exercise and Training Section
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