Please help us determine just what our customers are most interested in for future litters.

What gender do you prefer?
Either would be fine.

What coat type do you prefer in your Siamese?
Short hair Siamese
Long hair Siamese- AKA Balinese
Not fussy on coat type

What colour do you prefer?
Seal Point
Chocolate Point
Blue Point
Lilac Point
Red Flame Point
Torti Point
Torbi Point
Lynx Point
No preference as they are all beautiful.

Would you prefer your kitten with or without shots?
Without shots as I have my own vet.
I prefer them with shots already done by your vet.

Have you had a Siamese in your family before?
Yes we have
No not yet

Will your cat be....
Strickly an indoor cat
Alowed outdoors, free range
Alowed out in an enclosed run or tethered.

If you had a Siamese before & want another...
We would like the same sex coat & colour.
We would like something different.
We would just like to have a new kitten.

If you have lost a Siamese, how long did you wait to get another?
We waited quite some time to get over our loss.
We got our new kitten ASAP to fill the void in our lives.
Time was not a factor & we waited or will wait for just the right kitten.

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