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poem for Mother - she died in October

I think of you Mother
When times are quiet and still.
I think of you-
when I hear the whipporwhill.

You're there in all I see-
The stars in the skies -
The bluebirds in the trees-
All bring you back to me.

If I had but one wish-
It would be to see you once again.
See the twinkle in your eyes,
And never say goodbye.

I would look upon your face-
And see your smile once more.
Hear your laughter upon the wind.
Feel your gentle kiss once again.

Though you are gone from sight.
You're right here in my heart.
You'll live there always Mother Dear-
and I'll always have you near.

So there are no goodbyes-
not with you and I.
One day when the time is right-
I'll be with you in the light.

We;ll dance through the fields-
All covered with dew.
And I'll be happy once again-
just to be with you.