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I, Claudius. Seconda parte

Precisely, here is where Romans have demonstrated to be a people greatly superior to the existing etnic groups or countries of those times.
they were first in organizing public life of their ciitizens under a series of rules that even today many of them are the base of our body of laws (Roman Code)
they were first in organizing agriculture with a vision tended to fulfill the necessities of each city or country.
they were valiant warriors and their various conquests and the world they covered is a vivid proof of it.
they were superb engineers ( under them Cement - lat. cementum - was massively utilized in their costruction - see the Pantheon in Rome perhaps the first and surely the biggest structure of its kind - and also bricks for the first time were baked at impressive temperature for those times) and not only for their splendid edifices that have endured the inclemencies of weather but for the urbanistic layouts of their cities with an efficient sewage system and for the logistics of their streets, avenues and road all connected to main arteries all over Europe , 90,000 Kms of them built with various layers of lime, gravels, mortar, etc and with an excellent drainage system. Besides impressive buildings such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon or construcions as the Adrian Wall in England (see Adrian Wall in the days of the Romans by R. Embleton) bridges, Amphiteathers , Aqueducts are other examples of their engineering toward their constant eagerness in improving public services to their cities: taking advantage of gradients between terrains they built up aqueducts (some of them several kilometers long and nowadays still standing) all over the countries by them conquered, as in Europe as in Africa, to deliver the precious gift of water to their citizens.
to this regard it is worth to mention the first public hospitals, the "Terme" (public baths), the "Vespasians (public latrines), public Bibliotecas and the massive copying of ancient manuscripts that enriched the libraries of learned citizens. Also it is to be noted that some patrician houses had double walls where could circulate hot or cold water (most of the times at he expense of slave handwork) to smooth down the rigor of weather.
the language they spoke was grammagtically coherent and organized and its heritage is well within most of today occidental language
We could mention "" ad infinitum" the social, political, economical, practical achievements obtained by this multitalented people that originated the organized structure of today nations but this is not the right place to do so; nevertheless, we feel a sense of grief that hystoric periods of great importance toward the comprehension of the development of our society for a better world, be deviated so coarsely to quench the public thirst for sensationalism.