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I, Claudius - Prima parte

" I, Claudius"

Television, when properly used, can be the most efficient educational media, as it combines the narrative factor with the power of the visive one that, being such, has an enormous incidence into the memory of every person. Proof of this is the fact that , in most of the cases, it is easier to memorize the lineaments of a person than his/her name. We can say that Television is one of the marvels that man, in his constant progress, has created for his own confort as well as for recreative or educational purposes. Unfortunately, it also has a negative side as, if awkwardly used, arrives through its capillary lines to millions of people leaving in them wrongs impressions that may turn into erroneous concepts.
We refer, in this instance, to the pseudo-hystorical TV-Film " I , Claudius".
In this film, Romans are depicted as a conglomerate of corrupt people, replete with vices, where the only common concerns were incest, homosexuality, orgies, treachery and assassination.

The question that may arise to any person with common sense and even modest culture, looking at that ensemble of human wrecks, is the following: how is it possible that such a group of drunken psycopathes, with so many mental and physical definciencies could leave us so many vestiges and traces of greatness, splendour and power?

It has been always our belief that a lie can be said concealing part of a truth: if we say, for instance, that Peter affirmed that "he would be paying a visit to to his father" when he actually had said "he would be paying a visit to his father if it does not rain", we are giving an affirmative impression to a sentence where a doubt was involved. Consequently, we lie even having expressed only part of a truth.
As a matter of facts, what the producers of "I, Claudius" lacked , to give more veracity to their narrative (but it would have diminished sensationalism to the film against their own interest) was to communicate to the TV audience that if Romans were corrupt the neighboring countries (all dominated by them) were even worse as most of such aberrations were normalities in those times when man began to come out from the jungle where he was born in.