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Vi invitiamo a scrivere sulla Musica oppure sui vostri racconti o poesie.

Mosè and Maria Pia's Language and Music Forum
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Poetry for Pia & Mose

"Beauty & The Rose"

A Rose for your hair my darling,
Picked with love and care.
Thoughts of you running through my mind.
My eager hands wanting to place it there.

The beauty of the Rose shows -
the beauty of you surrounding me.
Encased in your fragrance am I.
A tip on the rosebud for all to see.

As we lay side by side through the long nights,
the beauty of you is always with me.
The beauty of you and the Rose -
is there for my eyes only - to see.


Re: Poetry for Pia & Mose

Sensual and delicate very refined.
Thank you
Don't ever stop writing