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Mosè and Maria Pia's Language and Music Forum

Welcome to our forum.

Feel free to write about anything regarding Music, or let us enjoy your poems or stories. 

Benvenuti al nostro forum.

Vi invitiamo a scrivere sulla Musica oppure sui vostri racconti o poesie.

Forum: Mosè and Maria Pia's Language and Music Forum
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Pia & Mose

Hello Pia & Mose & everyone.

Greetings from America! Pia I promise to post a Poem to you as soon as I get the chance to sit down and write one worthy of your forum. :)) I posted you a message on Tintos forum and did it under Gene's name!! Big boo boo I made. I will see if tinto can change it to the correct place. See? I am truly a blonde dear. :)) Love you and sending kisses to you all.

Love, Judith