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Welcome to our forum.

Feel free to write about anything regarding Music, or let us enjoy your poems or stories. 

Benvenuti al nostro forum.

Vi invitiamo a scrivere sulla Musica oppure sui vostri racconti o poesie.

Mosè and Maria Pia's Language and Music Forum
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Hi, I'm your student. I frequent the lesson on Wednesday in the evening ( with Barbara). I'd like to receive something in english to read or to play.
Thank you, Elisa.

Re: Hi

Hello Elsa,

I am from America and wanted to say hello to you dear. It is becoming spring time here and the birds are all singing and the sun is shining. It is a great time of the year for us all. especially me! I love spring when the world is all new and the trees are all coming to life again. I am a friend of Pia and Mose and daughter. Love them so much! Have a great day dear. Kisses