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copy for Gennady's Group

..this was posted at Stardrive1 Group on Yahoo


> K_Spacetime Shortcut

> wrote ate: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 11:52:34 -0700 (PDT)
> From: K_Spacetime Shortcut
> Subject: Re: Dilithium notes for Fernando's
> group

> as for the "dilithium" you might want to visit my
> yahoo profiles loupwarp and loupdrive in this
> eletronic signature since the others will be
> deactivated...and go from there to my geocities
> homepage...plenty of scientific links and Star Trek
> work is ready to be launched...i TeXed
> more than 100 equations..i am still TeXing .i never
> launched something so bigger before...not to GRG not
> in ESAA to arXiv or CERN....this is about to be the
> work of a lifetime..i worked out these 330 equations
> completely alone..and i will launch this
> alone...other people will appear in the
> Acknowledgements...i even got assistance from a
> Physicist in Italy with dozens of works
> publicated....i melted in a single math formalism
> many some of these works using
> conventional coordinates the Lagrangian Density and
> the Extrinsic Curvature are functions of the Warp
> Field...changing the Coordinates to Conformal
> Coordinates the equations will be functions of the
> Warp Factor.,,,,,the Warp Factor
> appears in Randall-Sundrum Brane Models...the Warp
> Field is my a way since i can explain
> experimentally my results and why we cannot see 5D
> although it is there(we cannot also see time the 4D
> but its there too) i am opening and paving the way
> for Zephram Cochrane
> Live Long and Prosper
> ps:i am permantently living in a closed causal loop
> a closed timelike curve between 4 and 5 April 2063

..notes for Fernando:

> ESA articles:
> Quasi-Crystals:

Inflated Proton Models:

Trek models:
> ..and there are other models, but most involve
> speculations concerning supernovas, alternate
> universe "rule shifts" (4th density shifted realms
> have different quantum rules from 3rd
> density..etc..i.e. metaphysical anomolies are
> allowed in ST ..including Gene Roddenberry's
> original materials..some of which included John W.
> Campbells musings and John D.F. Black's
> contacts with the psychotronic community in the
> 50's).
> Recent experients* show evidence that the 'inserted
> wire filament' model is useful for testing purposes
> (matter wave excitations?).
> I have more materials, including "pseudo-atom"
> papers...""strange attractors in crystals",
> the "vacuum well" of 2Li in organic solvents, and
> related. Current thinking is that IF above
> are correct..and there are 5th dimensional energy
> patterns..then early universe remnant
> "plasmoids" might have held "solid material
> enclosure


...more on the Stardrive1 site,..all welcome:

..also Dr. Jack Sarfatti's Group

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