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wolf sighting near nutrioso

hi, my name is jeannie myers. i am a fairly recent member of the alliance. carolyn requested that i tell my story to you of the wolf sighting. it is as follows: at the end of august '06 i took a ride up towards willow creek to take a look at the burn. i stopped at the south fork negrito creek to rest and enjoy the scenery. i observed a couple of buzzards up the creek a ways, so i walked up to take a look. they were eating on what remained of a deer carcass. i left and headed towards the burn only to find the road closed to thru traffic. i returned back towards Reserve. on the way back, about 8:30 pm, ( i looked at my watch )i came upon an animal on a small bluff above the road. this was just above negrito creek. it was already dark. i stopped my vehicle to observe a collared mexican grey wolf. it appeared to be a very healthy male. keep in mind, the deer carcass i saw earlier was only a short distance away. i honked my horn. the wolf stood his ground for 3 to 4 mins. just glaring at me. i finally drove off, leaving the wolf still standing there. i didn't see any others. there are plenty of range cows in that area to eat that i saw grazing earlier in the day. thinking about it later, it was rather spooky. what if i had not been in a vehicle at the time of the sighting? the wolf is not afraid of man because he's been raised and nurtured by man. end of story.....hope this helps, jeannie myers

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