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more sightings near luna

Hi all, just got in and checked my e-mail, here are the locations of the callored wolves, plus five wolves were seen, reported and investigated north of Luna N.M. approx. 5 or so miles south of US 60, north of Gatlin Lake. Reported was 1 large charcole-gray, almost black wolf, and 4 gray collored wolves, these wolves (uncallored) are out of the recovery area and the ranchers are rideing to look for any depredations of their livestock, also there has been several sightings of 2 wolves in the San Francisco River, east of the middle of Reserve, and lower frisco, I investigated one sighting today, the wolf crossed the Frisco river approx. 10 times in a 100 yard area, heading east to the mountains each time. The discription of these wolves are the same as the wolves that caused trouble in Cruzville and they travel up and down the river. Also they are uncallored..........I hope all is well with everyone............Jess

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