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Re: meridian mess Habituated mexican wolves bugging too many people

All ,

On 9/15/06 the Meridian pack was observed near the ____ by the residents at approximately 8 p.m. People drove into the driveway of the _____ and observed the wolves near the houses. IFT personnel arrived at 8:30 p.m. and located the wolves on the east side of the 191 (opposite side of the highway from the _______).

As a result of this and other incidents at the _______ the IFT has placed fladry around the inside perimeter of the ranch, in addition to a RAG box that is in the area. All of these measures are being closely coordinated with the owner of the ranch. At this time he feels that it is appropriate to continue non-lethal methods and indicated yesterday (9/22) that he has seen improvement in the wolves behavior.

Official confirmation Meridian are causing trouble.
The names have been removed to protect the victims and those responsible.

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