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male wolf near Greer AZ


Since male 973 was captured on August 4th, the IFT has been monitoring his movements. He has remained in the Greer vicinity during that time. Over the last week, the IFT has been conducting daily intensive monitoring due to persistence in the Greer area, as well as several observations by the public. During the last week, the IFT has documented the wolf using more densely populated areas and interacting with dogs in the area (non-agressive interactions). The IFT is concerned with this behavior and is attempting to haze.

No one in the area has complained or requested removal. However, the IFT is sufficiently concerned about his behavior that if 973 does not modify his behavior in response to hazing then the next step is to trap for translocation.

John Oakleaf
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Mexican Wolf Field Coordinator
PO Box 856
Alpine, AZ 85920

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