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Are people stupefied?

Don't get me wrong - I'm not calling people stupid. I'm calling them stupefied. I see them everywhere. These shoe-gazer "grown-ups" who take their existence on this planet so seriously. Yes, with them, the occasional joke is OK, but madcap humour in the middle of what should be the expected response to a simple question or situation? Personally, I'm just trying to brighten up the boring grey structure of the concrete society around us all. But I don't expect that kind of response (he's a puff, a twat, an idiot). Then I explain the joke, and they stare at me saying "How is anyone supposed to understand that kind of exaggerated humour/observation?". But they don't say anything because they have already realised at this point that I'm a bit brighter than the "average Joe", and they don't want to embarrass themselves, but want to leave the impression in their own mind that I'm mad. It never dawns on them that I'm just braver than the average conditioned citizen, or that I'm trying to cheer them up. I regard them as dumbed down through fear of any other person's judgement of them. Their only release from this paranoia prison is loss of inhibition from getting pissed (imbibement of poison). Stupefied, not necessarily stupid. And they have the gall to tell me to "Cheer up, it will never happen". Well, it ain't gonna happen for you lot, no, no way. Snap out of your conditioned trances, unless you can genuinely tell me that the pleasure in your tummy is too much to let go of this trance, 'cos sometimes I get like that, and then they say, "Cheer up, it will never happen"! I recommend you visit and just to kick off with.

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