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Re: a few thoughts

ate about the situation, who are conscious. They can also love, because they are sad or angry only when are directly hurt, and feeling passes, or when they think about the system and remember. Their energy is not used up for repression, it feeds love. They have connected brain hemispheres-right and left, and operative flow of information between them. So that is why some of us can see «the whole picture», and think holistically, creatively. That is why to some of us everything has emotional colour, everything is fully alive. There is a gift of feeling. Right hemisphere, or right frontal lobe, is a center of emotional, global, creative thinking, and also of empathy and love. Of course, it is functional only if synchronised and integrated with left lobe. It is probably the answer.
Authoritarian system meets the needs of neurotics, it enables them to satisfy their sadism, servitude, hate, narcissism, greed, selfishness. I am convinced that these needs are escape from anxiety, feelings of weakness, isolation and insignificance. I agree with Erich Fromm in this sense. But I do not believe there is some existential, basic, inherent fear that drives man, but that it is instilled in a child by the practise of parenting, schooling, and so on. Fear naturaly is a feeling of vulnerability and powerlessness or just stimulates those feelings when it is unconscious. Sadism works because it suppresses that fear and creates false emotion of power. Left hemisphere finds the outlet in violence and grows stronger to suppress the right side. Dopamine blocks neurons in the corpus calosum. That is how the dummified, uncreative, servile authoritarian character is formed.
How could it be otherwise? The system needs such people. They maintain it, they are part of it. It is self repeating. How could the capitalistic and state hierarchy function if the people were not a mass, but developed personalities, empathic, loving, freedom-seeking, cooperative, non violent, non greedy, non sadistic, not lazy and not obsessed with popularity and power? We would then see equality, direct democracy, collective property, non coercive institutions. We would do away with the money and competition. Solidarity would be a basic principle.