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Re: Re: Are people stupefied?

What a fantastic reply! Could I quote it on my forum page at You're so right in your observations and it strikes me that this drubbing down of mankind's imaginative and inquisitive spirit has been occurring relentlessly for years, ever since the population reached a certain level and communication of that fact had become global and almost instantaneous (the telegraph and so on). People could then justifiably say that they were unimportant and get away with an air of being "realistic". Basically, they are blaming the presence of everyone around them, for their own conditioned shortcomings. The simple solution is to undo your own conditioning by simply becoming aware of it in an honest light.

Re: Re: Re: Are people stupefied?

I would not say that it strikes me. I mean, it is really not surprising that society which is based on hierarchy, exploitation, competition, psychic violence, discrimination (racism, sexism, ageism) and sexual repression, uses various means to anesthetise human awareness of suffering inflicted by all these "practices". Among these means are shooling system (the most important, because it identifies knowledge with coercion and domination, worst of psychic pains), church, Tv programs, radio, press, computer and playstation games, alcohol, drugs, Mc**** food, marketing, posters.. It seems like every piece of system has its own role in maintaining of the whole. This is amazing. Certainly, all this is not invention, is not planned by some monsters on the top. It came spontaneously, probably from human unconscious, as a result of repressed drives, capacities and positive strivings. As Yoda said in the "Star wars", "Once you step on a dark path, forever it will dominate your destiny" It is obvious that civilisations "journey" started long time ago.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Are people stupefied?

I forgot. Of course you can quote my previous post.