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the governments sheep

People aren't too lazy to think for themselves they have been programmed to be sheep, therefore allow the government to run their lives without a second thought. It's all about "show me the money" whoever first said money can't buy happiness is one smart ****! If more people realized that the government wouldn't have such a hold on people.

Re: the governments sheep

I call it "money prison". Globally, society is constructed in such a way that if you don't "produce" for it in the ways that exist, you will starve to death, and there is no escape. The only way out is to form a small commune of like-minded people, and grow food for yourselves on land you "own". You then become regarded by the rest of society as nothing but a bunch of dirty smelly hippies, who can contribute nothing to the rest of the world, and are hence no threat to the status quo. However, if the majority decide to do this, the world becomes a pathwork quilt of peaceful, loving communes, and cities would disappear. Money would become totally unimportant and man's worth would be measured by the wisdom he/she can demonstrate, and the co-operative qualities a commune could impart to the neighbourhood. Call me idealistic, but I know which world I'd rather be brought up in.