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Harps played by Harpo

Hello, I'm Jim, and a HUGE fan of the "Bros".
Recently my gal landed a job as a harp regulator at Lyon and Healy harp manufacturer in Chicago.
Since it is one of very few manufacturers in the world, and has been so for over 1oo years, i wonder if any of the harps Harpo played were built there.
Thanks for the nice site!
Honk, Honk!

Re: Harps played by Harpo

Hello Jim!

Yes, Harpo did play harps made by Lyon & Healy.
Only the BEST for Harpo! ; )
In fact, Natalie Bilik (National Sales Manager from Lyon & Healy)said that "Harpo Marx played a Style 23 Gold, and I believe he also owned a Style 17."

WOW! Your girlfriend has a really cool job!

Re: Re: Harps played by Harpo

Just watched Animal Crackers yesterday, but could'nt get a glimpse of the action on the harp where the logo would be. I wonder if any of his harps are still in the family?
Yes, she likes her job, although she has her masters in computer science, and a teaching degree. GO figure!
Thanks Cathy,

Re: Re: Re: Harps played by Harpo

Hello James-
I am an old fan and family friend of the Marxes, particularly Harpo.
The only harp that remains in the possession of the family is a small practice harp (don't know the make), which is proudly displayed on a pedestal in his son Bill's house.
I own an original painting created by Harpo in 1961, which was given to me by his wife Susan in 1975. I plan to photograph it soon and share on this site.

Re: Re: Harps played by Harpo

Ask Steve Fritzman at Lyon & Healy who has Harpo's gold 23.

Re: Re: Harps played by Harpo

To Dickie: I checked with Steve Fritzmann, at your suggestion. Following is his reply . . .

Thank you for your kind email. Although Mr. Harpo Marx preferred the Lyon & Healy harp we are sad to say that we do not own any harp of his. Sorry we could not be of more help.

Stephen Fritzmann
National Sales Manager

P: +1.312.786.1881 X304
TFP: 1.800.621.3881 X304
F: +1.312.421.1650