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Cosmetic Surgery???


I was reading Stephen Kanfer's biography of Groucho when I came across a piece of information that I'm not sure about. Perhaps someone can clear up this mystery...

It says that the reason Harpo looked so young in 'Love Happy' was that prior to filming he had cosmetic surgery (I presume he means a facelift). Is this true?

I hope it isn't as I'd like to think that Harpo's youthful nature kept him looking young. Also, I have noticed that Kanfer's biography has many inaccuracies so I wouldn't be surprised if this was fiction.

Does anyone know anything definite?

Caroline (aka 'Lino').

Re: Cosmetic Surgery???

Interesting...i've never seen Love Happy so i wouldnt know. ya never know.

Re: Cosmetic Surgery???

Hi Caroline-
If you've seen "Love Happy" and Harpo's subsequent television work in the 1950's, you'll see that it just isn't true.