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Hello everyone! Welcome to the message board, honk honk!!!!

Harpo Tribute Page Message Board
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Harpo is My Inspiration

Thank you so much for making this site. When I was a child, my father introduced me to the Marx Brothers and the first time I heard one of Harpo's solos, I was put under a spell. I swore I would learn to play the harp one day. Now at the age of 22 I have recently purchased a harp and am starting to teach myself to play with the aid of the Sylvia Woods book, Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp. I keep a picture of Harpo in my binder to remind me to always keep practiing. I am thrilled to see that you have compiled all of his solos on a DVD and am planning to buy it soon. Thank you again for this wonderful site and good luck with your own harp study. It sounds like you are quite accomplished already.