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Breathing some famous air...


When I was planning to visit New York, the idea came up to me that I could search for the home of the greatest entertainers of all time. On this occasion I was looking for the address via internet. It took a while till I succeeded. My research brought me to this great site and I was electrified by finding those nice pics of Cathy posing in front of the house. So my mission was clear! The Marx’s home was the address No.1 to visit and when I came to New York I did, doing some most important Posing-Pics of all my life. It was a bit strange by the way, because the people there seemed not to be much interested in, not even knowing where they live…. Those ones who left the building ran right away from me, not giving me one glimpse of attention as I tried to ask something. Okay, maybe they were already annoyed enough of maniacs like us! Another woman, who just passed was quite excited when I told her who once lived there. Her home was around the corner and of course she knew the MarxBros but she didn’t know that they were their former neighbours…. What a nice shock! The only guy who was at least interested in me was an older guy who saw me shooting pics in front of the building on the other side of the street and we had a nice little conversation. He also was a MarxBros Fan, living nearby and we complained a lot about those ignorants. That was fun!

Okay, those were my two notes about my ultimate MarxBros-Experience.

Greetings from Germany!