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A Harpo Top Hat story

When I was a very young boy, I was given a Top Hat from an entertainer who was a comedy skater for holiday on ice (I think his name was Paul). My mom was a line skater for holiday on ice back in her younger days, and was good friends with Paul. We used to go back stage and met with him and sit and visit every year they came to our city.
On one particular visit he gave me a Top Hat, because I was a young magician, and told me that Harpo Marx gave it to him. It is a colapsable Top Hat with Harpo's name inside written in ink on a label. The size is 7 3/8, A label - International Costume CO., Hollywood, Calif. This lable is covering a the printed hat manufacters name inside.
Paul told me that the hat belong to Harpo, and that one side was slightly bent because that was the way he wore it.
I guess my question is, Is this really one of the prop hat's that Harpo wore? I have always wondered about that? My Mom's friend has passed away awhile ago, and my Mom to this day tells me that it is an authentic Harpo Hat.
Awesome site by the way, have always enjoyed Harpo Marx. And was hoping I have a piece of him with his Top Hat.

Re: A Harpo Top Hat story

WOW! What an amazing story! That's terriffic that you have Harpo's top hat! Best of luck with it.
I'm so glad you like the site!! Come back again soon!

Re: A Harpo Top Hat story

According to Bill Marx, Harpo's top hat is in one of his prop trunks with his other props. In the list of props, there's only one top hat mentioned. Bill said he packed them for Harpo and they're still in the trunks just as they had been when Harpo lived. It was Bill's responsibility as Harpo's prop man. This info came from Bill's book, "Son of Harpo Speaks." I thought you might be interested. It's still fun to imagine having something that belonged to Harpo.