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Re: music

Harps are abit hard to find these days. I always wanted a Harp, but I wanted one with at least 22 strings and then I came across two of them, but they were too expensive ($600 ).

So I got myself a Violin and now it only has three strings. I kinda got bored with the Violin so then I went back to playing my Keyboard Piano, and now I can play the Harp on there, although I'm not really playing a real Harp...

Harpo, I've notice that he played a few other instruments and I think I saw a picture of him with the Bagpipes. I remembered that he could also play the Piano just like his brother Chico.

~Captain Yoshikano ^_^~

PS: I hope that one day you will be able to find a Harp

Re: music

Harpo made 2 albums, I have a CD with both of them.