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i am a band student. i see all the interments in my class. the was piece called peterloo. and the there was a place were the guy could play. they had drums, and all that other stuff. But he played the harp. when he played it, and it instlenty came to me that harpo played harpo. i have always wanted to play the harp. he also played the clarient too.

Re: music

Harps are abit hard to find these days. I always wanted a Harp, but I wanted one with at least 22 strings and then I came across two of them, but they were too expensive ($600 ).

So I got myself a Violin and now it only has three strings. I kinda got bored with the Violin so then I went back to playing my Keyboard Piano, and now I can play the Harp on there, although I'm not really playing a real Harp...

Harpo, I've notice that he played a few other instruments and I think I saw a picture of him with the Bagpipes. I remembered that he could also play the Piano just like his brother Chico.

~Captain Yoshikano ^_^~

PS: I hope that one day you will be able to find a Harp

Re: music

Harpo made 2 albums, I have a CD with both of them.