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Hello everyone! Welcome to the message board, honk honk!!!!

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across the world, through the ages........

Hi to all,

Here I sit in my downunder country pondering how through the ages and across the the world (and round, down, over several times) Harpo still makes us feel good.

Actually, I never, and be prepared for the horror and shock of it all, particularly cared for the Marx Brothers. Brief snippets I saw growing up, was, "Yeah , okay I guess". It wasn't until I my 14yo daughter and her friends, fell for the Marx Bros that I became introduced to them all.(and that includes Frenchie and Minnie!)

I bought her a pack of DVD's for xmas, then read "Harpo Speaks".. What had I missed out on all these years????!!!

Here's a happily married Wife and Mother, who never had crushes on Movie or Rock Stars growing up, yet I feel a warmth for a man that I only know through the screen and pages. Harpo. I guess he has that effect on all people who count themselves as fans.
I defy anybody not to smile as soon as they see him.

Sadly, I am told my my 14yo, I cannot and probably never will master the art of throwing a gookie!

All that is left to say now is.....
And in conclusion....................

Re: across the world, through the ages........

Oh my...

How I adored Harpo Speaks! The last three chapters had me crying and smiling at the same time. A great book and I believe everyone should read it at least once a year, and it would make them feel a whole lot better about themselves!


Re: Re: across the world, through the ages........

I also had seen snippets of their movies during my life, but wasn't interested, then one day, I saw him again, and I was Enchanted. His book, yes it's wonderful, I laughed and cried, too. He has many great lessons in there, his house rules, and his way of never staying sore for very long at anyone, the love he had, the beautiful pictures, especially with Susan, one I can't look at without crying is the one with the caption. "... and the world is mine." It was perfect! Harpo has brought something magical back into my life when I needed it most, to enchant me with that spark of mystical charm. I wish I could thank him, but all I can do is keep his memory alive and share him with others. And in conclusion....

Honk, honk! I can almost do a Gookie.

Sincerely, Ariel