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Hello everyone! Welcome to the message board, honk honk!!!!

Harpo Tribute Page Message Board
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~Heart of the Music~

You've got to Love Harpo for everything and espcially his Music... It's wonderful for someone to go and play the songs that he made and Cathy, you've really come a long way!!! Keep up the Harp playing, because you'll be known for it ^_^

(Yeah, it's me... Gabe Drexler...)

Sorry that I haven't sent you anything in a long time... (Ever since that Dream that I had, but I forgive him...) Anyways, I hope that your holiday's are going good and have a Happy New Year

~Gabe Drexler~

PS: I've been Drawing alot of new Marx Brother pictures...
PS Part2: I think that Harpo looks cute with a Colonial Wig on... ~The Bigstore~
PS Part3: I only have three strings on my Violin, and now I found a 22 string Harp on ebay and it's at $9.99, but only like 4 or 2 more days to go...
PS Part4: I need to go and convince my dad about getting it...