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Hello everyone! Welcome to the message board, honk honk!!!!

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Harpo the Blue Boy

Hi everybody,
Congratulations for this tribute.
Does anyone has information about Dickers' painting of Harpo the "Blue Boy"? Are there any lithographies, pictures or photos, and who owns this painting?
Lots of questions :)
Best regards

Re: Harpo the Blue Boy

i did see it years ago, but for the life of me , can't remember where.
i believe i saw it in a classical painting book!

Re: Re: Harpo the Blue Boy

Thanks Jenn,
There is a quick mention in the "Unknown Marx Brothers" and you can see this painting for half a second but it looks familiar to me and I would like to find a nice repro...

Re: Re: Re: Harpo the Blue Boy

I agree! That would make a wonderful print to hang up.

Re: Harpo the Blue Boy

I have an original painting signed by Harpo Marx dated 1957 of a little boy in blue shorts walking down a street. Could this be the painting you are
asking about. This painting was left to me by my
mother. Please respond