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Harpo, the musician

Harpo is the funniest man, but there is more to him than his comedy. I think a person would have to be a gifted genius to accomplish what Harpo did in his lifetime. If you want to get to know the real man, read the book, "Harpo Speaks". Also, get his CD of music. I'm not trying to sell anything, but people need to know how really talented this man was. He wrote two of the songs on the CD, titled "Guardian Angel", and " Lullaby Doll". They are beautiful songs. He was and still is an amazing human being.

Re: Harpo, the musician

VERY nicely put! Thank you for your post.


Re: Re: Harpo, the musician

I forgot to say "Thank you" for allowing us to post on this message board. I love this site.

Re: Re: Re: Harpo, the musician

I'm so glad you like the site!!
I will be adding some new things very soon.
There will be a page up with sound clips of Harpo's appearances on various radio shows.
And I am going to put more clips of the Ed Sullivan show up too. There is one scene where they ask Harpo what he is going to play and he actually says (though quite low, but still audible) "the harp". He then plays the harmonica. Then there is a scene where you can hear him laugh. That is quite low also, but still audible. He sounds just like Chico when he laughs.
There is an episode of the Milton Berle show that I saw at the Museum of Broadcating in New York and he laughs on that and that is very audible. I wish I had that episode!!!! If I do ever find it, I will put it up here.