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"Every Muscogee citizen, whether his skin is red, white or black, has equal rights and privileges in this (Creek) Nation. Even the most abject, poor and ignorant is entitled to equal consideration with the most distinguished, rich and learned at the hands of our officers." Isparhecher

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Photos of Creek Freedmen

I have or may have in the future photos of a few Creek freedmen. How do I attach these photos? Give instructions. Do I attach under Avatar URL, not sure? Thanks

Re: Photos of Creek Freedmen

My grandmother Katie Thompson on census creek freeman 3141 entered 1901
Looking for our family roots

Email   Descendant of Chief Cow Tom   
Re: Photos of Creek Freedmen

What exactly do you want to know? Katie's roll number is coming from census card #798. I have no photos. Later when I have some time, I will try and locate some of the Creek freedmen photos, but of course not all.

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