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Combined with real cases to explain the operation


After ten years of development, International Trade Help "Made in China" throughout world. Because people only focus on the financial and tax accounting, business knowledge and a lack of understanding of operational processes, for International Trade terminology or transaction method not familiar with, or the logistics chain, bills of lading are not familiar with the knowledge, can not see in the face of potential risks. To help foreign trade clerk and finance personnel to better understand International Trade knowledge and understanding of practical operational processes and risk points should be noted, this course Trade Practice combines real case to explain the operating and financial expertise.


Instructor: Wang


CPA, international business division, chief financial officer of a company in Qingdao. Provide analysis for enterprise budgeting and long-term development and implementation, is one of the few able to International Trade to combine business and accounting operations and mastery trainers. Wang has long been engaged in the export tax rebate mechanism of a front-line combat training and tax planning work, trained on hundreds of domestic export enterprises, with strong practical experience and affinity for corporate accounting and business people in a International Trade -kind study to bring new ideas, increase their liquidity through financial planning, to circumvent export business of various risk points.




Section: main trade and practical operation


1, the functions of the financial staff


2, financial officers how to improve their own value


II: trade and practical operation


1, foreign trade knowledge introduction


1) introduction of trade, combined with financial personnel and business practices so that people understand the main trade and how to operate; understand tax policy under each trade. Such as when a manufacturer of imported materials, is the choice of general trade or feed processing methods to maximize their clearance profits and more convenient operation.


2) transaction method introduced, let finance staff and operational staff turnover way to know what their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to choose the deal in practice ways to avoid risks. If a company exports to Russia is to choose DDP or CIF or FOB exports of it?


3) risk ranking of each transaction method in practice and how to determine which way best suited to their


4) trade in all aspects of risk point of control and operation precautions. Way as in the FOB transaction, before sailing to the buyer whether the seller to provide timely notice to the purchaser to insure the shipment; or seller for insurance purposes, whether insured or not the purchaser, at FOB port their own insurance.


2, clearing way to introduce


1) the type of international settlement and its pros and cons


2) how to use each method in practice, how to choose according to their own business characteristics suited to their settlement


3) Select the settlement after which point should pay special attention to prevent the risk of


4) how to use export credit insurance to hedge foreign exchange risks.


5) letter of credit operations Practices: How to issuing, trial card single trial, how to understand the soft terms to prevent trade trap


6) International Trade of financing and accounting treatment: What is the exposure of financing and low-risk financing, what their financing.


3, introduced the subject of trade (export declaration body)


1) each of the main trade and trade enterprises how to achieve the greatest profits and operate more efficient and convenient. For example, a trade enterprises export products to choose their own supplier or customs export declaration or the use of pay way