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"Every Muscogee citizen, whether his skin is red, white or black, has equal rights and privileges in this (Creek) Nation. Even the most abject, poor and ignorant is entitled to equal consideration with the most distinguished, rich and learned at the hands of our officers." Isparhecher

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[]12 super simple regimen make you 10 years younge

12 scientific health knowledge in life, eat more fresh foods and organic foods, eat less processed foods, fast food and soft drinks, because they contain more preservatives, pigment.

1, scientifically wash

wake up sac Gucci Pas Cher every ceintures burberry morning and go home after work, is the best time to two cleansing. Especially for the regular make-up OL, need more the time with makeup to a minimum, so the best one enter the house of dirt and make-up wash his face.

cleansing water temperature to 30 ℃ is appropriate. Don't use hot water, hot air will absorb the skin of excess oil, make the skin dry, destroyed the original luster and elasticity, easy out wrinkles; nor with cold water, cold water can clean the surface dirt, but not clean pores of dirt and excess oil. And wash your face with warm water 30 ℃, can make the pores open, clean more thoroughly, the skin will not cause injury.

2, salt detoxification of the skin

salt has the effect of anti-inflammatory sterilization as everyone knows, it's also very unique detoxification effect. If you are oily skin, try a teaspoon of salt and honey and mix thoroughly, painted on the face and gently massage for 5 minutes after the wash with water. Salt has a deep clean the skin pores, and honey water timely replenish nutrition, every day sooner or later each time, the skin can help remove toxins.

3, two mild sunscreen

Office MM daily won't see too much sun, their skin are thin and white, light resistance is weak, sunburn more easily than the general population, the need for more attention to the work of sun. High SPF products will make the skin feel discomfort, therefore, recommended daily morning and evening rush are coated with appropriate mild sunscreen. Although after three in the afternoon sun is not so strong, but still need to work for half an hour before michael kors sito ufficiale the painted a sunscreen SPF15. [/]]>