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"Every Muscogee citizen, whether his skin is red, white or black, has equal rights and privileges in this (Creek) Nation. Even the most abject, poor and ignorant is entitled to equal consideration with the most distinguished, rich and learned at the hands of our officers." Isparhecher

The Creek Freedmen Forum
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vinegar overturned - coax me

Street tired - back to me,

money - give me,

vinegar overturned - coax me,

the way tired - hold me,

angry hit you, hold on,

--- to be savage and absurd,

usually bully you hold,

let my sad words ---- stop.

I lunettes gucci pas cher was so overbearing, you do it!

not to pull!

it is best not to use your temper to challenge my personality

never know ---- 21 grams is the weight of the Soldes Givenchy soul. Legend after death lose 21 grams, that 21 grams is the pure love, that is: a 21 grams is a gram is accept a gram is support a gram is the gram is one gram is a romantic one gram is to communicate a gram is pray for her one gram of apology a G his mistake is a gram is a gram understand a gram is a gram is a gram thank correction is consideration for a gram is open a G not endure a gram not questioned a G does not require a gram is not forgotten last gram is not just in hand, don't let go. Dear friends, you touched? Don't waste your two minutes, you know, "I love you weight 21 grams" mean? If you have enough happiness of someone you say "I love you 21 grams net weight" that would accept her, to love her, because she gave you the soul. Dear friends, if you feel touching is reproduced, let more people know "21 grams of love" if before you don't know "21 grams net weight of love" meaning, so you must remember, because maybe one day a boy or a girl says to you: "I to you love weight 21 grams" then you are the happiest people in the world

this world no one that deserves you to cry for him, the only one worthy of you to cry for him who is won't make you cry.

when the whole world when no one rationale for you, remember I am waiting for you! I wish you!

said two people quarrel, the man first walked, must be an angel, if you chemises paul smith really love me, please do not hurt me, because the angel turned many, the angel is also will be tired!