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Beijing Times Battle Flag idol drama war maturing


Beijing Times reported Nov. 29 vintage war drama issues facing is how to re audience, the answer is very simple, it is a breakthrough concept, remodeling style, put yourself to become "the young . " After several years of exploration, "My my regiment," "Snow Leopard", "shore 1945" "war its citizens," "advancing toward the gunfire" finally identify a new path - idolized. We can say that "Battle Flag" is the new style towards maturity.


young state


idol drama war not only to the audience on the role of identity in order to feel younger, the performers, the story is set, the packaging is also full of art closer to young people. "Battle Flag" male and female are "Kintaro" Lei and Wang Yuan can (), urban man image Lei and Wang Yuan to fresh beauty young foundation. Two lively performances, the young have sketched out the blood, heart effort, while there is a trace does not make sense. The story is set on the excitement of the war and the subject of ridicule spicy enemy combined. Art packaging sectors, clothing fashion - boots, denim shirt, vest,, scarf children, Ray Ban glasses , like a lot. In computer graphics, embellishment, explosions, ballistics and blood are more realistic, sound production is very well; even more remarkable, composition, color is like a movie-level approach, nor the lack of "human right is the vicissitudes of life" and "holy days door" kind of poetic.


gas arena



"banners" In addition to creating "the young state," the audience experience, but also used other means to enhance the effect, the most obvious is the "Wild World" ingredients. Wang Yuan drama can be played Dai Jinhua, several lines of a "universal soldier" concept - play farmers, mountain bandits, Tuba Lu, regular army force are war, the performance of the folk away from the high temple of justice.


impressed with armored and Dai Jinhua "hornet's nest" trick, successfully acquired the opportunity to telegraph for help, and the guerrillas under the cover of artillery cattle Daren debris retreat from these two play waterway. Various methods of soil underlying the war children sharp, effective, although a trace of "not serious", but this is folk wisdom. In addition, many of the enemy against both sides also spent a lot of martial arts elements. Ge alone break ventured, looking Ichiro Kamei this scene, he seems a resolutely arena paladin; Dai Jinhua night into armored masked killer meteor hit home dart attacks, also clearly borrowed from the martial arts drama set.

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