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Guangxi 12349 anti lost hotline enabled blue brace

Contemporary life daily news (reporter Deng Shaiying) reporter yesterday from Guangxi 12349 public service platform to know, Guangxi 12349 "anti lost hotline" the official in the region after the children lost enabled,discount designer sunglasses, etc. can quickly find home. In addition, May 11th to 15 at the Guangxi exhibition center can receive free of charge "blue
Bracelet "and" 12349 shift plate ", people in need can go to receive.

Since the launch of "Guangxi 12349 public service platform

anti lost hotline" service since the trial operation, the region has more than 26000 members of the public to "blue Bracelet " through various channels for the elderly ", by wearing the blue Bracelet", once lost, can be to passers-by for help to dial the 12349 hotline, through the "special tips blue Bracelet " on Guangxi, Nanning, Liuzhou, Guilin has helped more than 10 lost the old man found a home.

reporter learned yesterday, the Guangxi public service platform of 12349 events are planned in Guangxi Exhibition Center from May 11th to 15, free to the public release of 10000 "blue ring ". At the same time, free of charge to car owners issued 5000 "12349 shift plate". "12349 shift plate" written on the "temporary parking please forgive me, if you need to move a car please call 12349, do not reveal personal telephone can find the owner" etc.. The owners get 12349 shift license plate, leaving the owner's license plate number and contact telephone number, the staff will be information input system. Temporary parking, the owners will be 12349 shift plate placed in front of the vehicle windshield. When the car is in the other people's vehicles, can call the hotline 12349, composed of 12349 staff warm this time shift car owners.

reminder to bring "blue Bracelet " and the "12349 shift plate"

5 month 11 days to 15 days, in Nanning City Democratic Road 12, Guangxi exhibition hall, Guangxi 12349 public service platform set up booths in the exhibition scene.

"blue Bracelet " for: household registration for Guangxi resident district 60 year old and older, other needs of the population (such as: dementia, mental retardation, children), can apply for.

"12349 shift plate" payment terms: temporary parking notice to shift the car, can register for the.


for on-site fill out the application form, the scene to receive.

receiving time, location:

1.5 month 11 days to 15 days every morning 8:00 to afternoon 5:00, Nanning City Democratic Road No. 12 Guangxi Guangxi exhibition hall 12349 booth for public service platform.

2. other time dial 12349 to Guangxi 12349 service centers around the office or the community to receive.

Nanning 12349 Service Center: Xinmin Road No. 59 sun >