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Xu Mang increase the proportion of RMB settlement



State Council Taiwan Affairs SES Mr Song Yuan Xu Mang taken at the Forum


China Economic Net Xiamen June 15 (Reporter 张海蛟 Cai Love) Sixth Strait Economic Forum Taiwan Affairs Secretary Xu Mang held in Xiamen today? financial forum on the Strait, said the mainland is also Taiwan's banking institutions to achieve a breakthrough in cross-strait currency settlement mechanism established, cross-strait trade using settlement ratio continues to increase.


current financial forum by the Chinese Finance Association, Taiwan Financial Services Association, the National Economic Council Taiwan Affairs Office of Xiamen Municipal People's Government, the Economic Times and Financial Times, co-sponsored by China Economic Net, the commodity trading center after 12 Co units or contractors.


The following is a partial text Record:


Since May 2008, the sixth Strait Forum continuous improvement development, financial cooperation has achieved important progress. Taiwan's financial institutions doing business in the mainland banking, securities, leasing, etc. industries, develop the mainland market. Taiwan's mainland banking institutions also achieved a breakthrough in cross-strait currency settlement mechanism established, using the RMB settlement of cross-strait trade ratio rising, the RMB business in Taiwan has achieved rapid development, not only to enhance the degree of cross-strait trade and investment facilitation, and also promote the interests of both sides of the connection.


strait financial cooperation has achieved initial success in the past few years has brought tangible benefits to both sides of the business and the people,custom silicone bracelets no minimum, happy to do it, but also to thank all of the cross-strait financial friends.


able to achieve such results and outcomes, I think more fundamentally due to the development of cross-strait relations is also a common effort to unite compatriots on both sides, hard to come by, it is worth us cherish. This morning at the conference, from the most senior leaders speak speech and grassroots, we can get a very strong impression and information, compatriots on both sides of the peaceful development of cross-strait relations have hope, strait economic cooperation in all aspects of communication can keep moving forward.


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