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UN agency 2013 20 000 African elephant poaching br


Geneva, June 13 Xinhua (Reporter Zhang Miao Wang Chao) United Nations International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora Convention (Endangered Species trade Convention) Secretariat of the 13th released a report that in 2013 more than 20,000 African elephants brutally illegal hunting, there are indications that Transnational criminal organizations involved in the illegal ivory trade in the region.


Entitled - report "dead elephant African elephant crisis", said the illegal hunting of elephants in Africa, the number began to rise sharply in the year 2005, in the past three years, the tragic illegal hunting in Africa as the number surpassed 20,000, which in 2011 more than 25,000 African elephants died in the hands of poachers, a record.


report notes that in 2013 the number of deaths of illegal poaching of elephants has dropped slightly compared to 2011, but the situation is still very serious poaching directly lead to a further reduction in the number of African elephants.


reported that in 2013 Africa was confiscated ivory are also significantly increased the number of first time over the Asian region, where the number of ivory in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, 80 percent of confiscated ivory confiscated Africa's total. The report also pointed out that a large number of confiscated ivory in a single case is also increasing, which suggests, transnational organized crime involved in the illegal ivory trade .


Trade in Endangered Species The Secretary-General John Scanlon said Convention, continues to face a direct threat to the African elephant poachers last year more than 20,000 elephants are killed,silicone bracelets, which reflect the African elephant "tragic situation."


Also report said, poverty, lack of supervision needs and ivory consuming countries in Africa, the main cause of the high incidence of poaching areas. Scanlon appeal says governments must illegally in African elephant ivory black market trade frontline strongly related crime forceful blow to reverse poaching momentum.