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Original title more than half of Russia hundred co


Original title: more than half of Russia hundred companies will participate in the first Sino-Russian Exhibition


International online news: According to Xinhua News Agency, a reporter from the First China - Russia Expo Organizing Committee learned that more than half of Russia hundred companies will participate in the fair,silicone wristbands, large enterprises and joint cooperation between China and Russia will become one of the highlights of the Expo.


Expo will be the first China-Russia June 30-July 4 held in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. Russia currently has five hundred sixty companies register participants, including Russia Technology Group and other high technology, aerospace and other industrial enterprises. According to the established schedule, fairs will be held in China - Russia Cooperation Matchmaking large enterprise projects.


Fair Russia predecessor was founded in 1990, China Harbin International Economic and < b style = "color: black; background-color: # ffff66"> Trade Fair (Harbin Trade Fair). Held for the twenty-fourth of Harbin Trade Fair, which attracted more than 150 million people in more than 80 countries and regions participate in the fair, with a total turnover of nearly one hundred billion U.S. dollars.