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sells/glover family

Hello guys i am the proud descandant of the sells/gloverfamily from tullahassee,ok. Harry sells/jane sells,alex murrell/eliza jane sells, and rayfield/christie glover.i am an avid collector of my family history.are you guys familiar with the sells/glover/jones/murrell families from tullahassee?

Murrell Family

I have done some research on the Murrell family. You can go to the "African Native American Genealogy Forum" and ask questions and review the posts submitted for the Murrell family.

Re: Murrell Family

Hello -

Any other known places to find information on the family history?
I am also a descendant of Harry and Jane seeking information on family history and connecting the dots.


Re: Murrell Family

You mentioned no last name for Jane or Harry. What family are these names from? If you are wanting information for the Murrell families, I would suggest that you post on the "African Native American Genealogy Forum."

Re: Murrell Family

Hello guys im a descendant of harry & jane actually their great mother was esther glover-teal,and her mom and dad was rayfield and christie glover.also an uncle harold glover a prominent bail-bondsman for many years in tulsa.looking for info on jim glover and hattie drew.

Re: Murrell Family

Yes, the last name is Sells of Harry and Jane Sells. I am the great great grand daughter of Harry and Jane, great of Grace Evangeline and grand of Bertha. I have been working for some time to collect information on the Sells family and information regarding Oklahoma roots and before.