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"Every Muscogee citizen, whether his skin is red, white or black, has equal rights and privileges in this (Creek) Nation. Even the most abject, poor and ignorant is entitled to equal consideration with the most distinguished, rich and learned at the hands of our officers." Isparhecher

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Monday Durant and Simon Brown

Both these men are my family and will both be part of Creek history no matter what and there is no treaty that can change that..Simon Brown was my Great Great Great Grand Father he married Monday Durant's daughter Clara Tara Durant..My family is rich with Indian and African American blood,Sweat and history, I am proud of that because without them we would not exist, and African Creek would not be what it was without their leadership..

Re: Monday Durant and Simon Brown

Clara Durant was married to Simon's son, Jacob.

Re: Monday Durant and Simon Brown

There is a reference to Monday Durant in an historical novel by Lalita Tademy (Citizens Creek). Monday Durant is my great great grandfather.

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