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Targeted Parents
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Welcome- Please read before posting

Hi and welcome.
I'm glad you made it. My name is Molly and I'm the owner and moderator of this board and It's Almost Tuesday.
The fact that you're here means you've suffered or are suffering from a war that has no winners. The battleground is your heart, the cost is your hope. The child is the pawn.

A little about me:

I am a targeted parent, butt the alienation comes not from my ex, but from my own mother, brothers and sister. I was erased from not only my child's life but also from my entire family,
I lost my son when he was 8 years old he's currently 25 and the relationship I fear is permanently severed. the grief that goes with that is beyond words there are none. there are days I don't see how I will make it through. I know I'm not alone and there are others out time goes on I may reveal more and more about my case as I am still working on it though with it is a long case inde ed it has devoured many years of my life period in fact it has devoured all my life. Though I have moved on and began in life of my own, remarrying, and moving away from where I lost my son, I still have daily grief and suffering period being a targeted parent means being murdered in my eyes. For that reason I have created my website in this message board for a place for us all to talk. And maybe share ideas and advice as peers in order to survive the struggle.

Bear with me by as my cousin for this message board is obviously out running my skills and knowledge of running a message board. I'm new to this so I will be updating and making changes as I go along and it may not always be smooth. Forgive me for that.

This message board may contain sticky topics.
Please respect each other.

A couple rules-

Number one rule, respect the privacy of your child, particularly if he or she is still a minor, and if there is an ongoing court case. Use the child's initials only. This is for your protection.
Second rule- always remember the price of making the wrong decision can cost a very important piece of your life- your relationship with your child. Some opinions may not be the best advice, always consult a qualified attorney if you have an open case. The advice on this board is peer to peer and what works for some may not be appropriate for others. This means ANY ADVICE GIVEN OR RECEIVED SHALL NOT BE TAKEN AS LEGAL ADVICE.
third wild- we are not here to judge- posts that incite negativity, insults, vulgarity, etc will be removed.
Please respect each other. We already have a difficult road to travel.

If you need to contact me for technical issues, email

That all being said, free free to start topics related to parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome.

I look forward to the diversity of ideas that may be shared, hoping it will help someone, including myself, to find hope and peace. Godspeed.