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The Sea World Conundrum

The recent events concerning sea world and blackfish have brought some attention to the captive dolphin problem. The latest issue of the San Diego proposed legislation to limit Killer Whales in captivity in San Diego on the surface seems to address the problem but in my opinion it does not. The problem is not sea world, it's the whole captive dolphin industry while sea world is the pinnacle of the captive dolphin industry there are many other crap hole dolphin prisons that are much worse than sea world i.e. Gulfarium in Fort Walton Beach Florida, Gulfworld in Panama City Florida, Clearwater Marine aquarium in Clearwater Florida which is a converted sewage treatment plant where they emptied the sewage and put in the Dolphins also home of Winter the tailless dolphin. And if you've all noticed none of these other " sister parks" are not coming to sea world’s defense. Wonder why? The captive dolphin industry as a whole knows sea world can weather this latest controversy they know they could not take the same scrutiny as sea world is taking now and they are very thankful for that. As far as the San Diego proposed legislation this is just politics pure and simple a politician pandering for votes. I learned while closing Ocean World in Fort Lauderdale Florida that the politicians always seem to go with the money and the lobbyist. This latest political move may get a some press but in the long run I don't think it will harm sea world, if their stock fluctuates that's just business and people will buy the stock if it drops to make money when it goes back up that's just business. I compare sea world to an orphanage a bad orphanage I might add. Saying that it only abuses only certain inmates in the orphanage makes no sense! From my point of view this is about the entire captive in dolphin industry. As an old wise Chinese philosopher once said "never attacked a Dragon at its teeth". Sea world is the teeth of the captive dolphin industry there are many other much more vulnerable and softer targets available but they are getting a pass as everyone focuses on sea world. As we all know the Miami Seaquarium is one of the worst places but yet it and the other captive dolphin facilities are making record profits, this tells me the sea world controversy is not affecting the other 99% of the captive dolphin industries bottom line. That really concerns me, I see lots of emotion from the activists but little fact or substance. My experience tells me attack the softer targets first and sea world last. I suggest everyone read The Art of War to open new ways of thinking and acting against the entire captive industry not just their strongest member. We as activists have many tools available to negatively affect the captive dolphin industry but as a whole we are not using them. I compare it to a weapon that is not being used to its fullest potential. What good is any weapon if it is not being used to inflict mortal damage? If the people operating the weapon can't aim or fire it properly it's nothing more than a noisemaker. It will be interesting to see how the San Diego proposed legislation plays out but don't be surprised if sea world and all its political muscle in San Diego and in California prevail. We as activists must be prepared for all contingencies and it seems to me that we are not doing this, we are just reacting to whatever pops up concerning Sea World! I am more than willing to share my knowledge of the captive dolphin industry all you have to do is contact me and ask for my help. One last thing that Ocean world taught me is that the animals already in captivity are doomed because they are already in the custody of “The Beast" that's what I call the captivity industry. Ocean world taught me that the animals already in captivity cannot be saved if you worry about the animals the facility itself goes merrily along and the killing continues. The only way to stop the killing of these animals in these captive dolphin facilities is to kill the facility. Kill the facility the killing stops it's that simple! We as activists must get back to simple actions and techniques that are effective and work if we are to win this battle. I'm not saying I'm the smartest guy on the block but I've been there done that and got the T-shirt that's called experience. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this more,