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Lolita IS Dying, let's talk about it. 

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The Most Abused Orca in the World


Re: The Most Abused Orca in the World

I often think of Kshamenk when I think of Lolita. Thanks for posting this so more people can learn about him if they already haven't.

Do any of you know what the orca's name was who committed “suicide”?

"Kshamenk was the only survivor taken into captivity. One was returned to sea because it was too large to transfer, another died in transit and the third died by apparent “suicide” after repeatedly crashing into the walls of the pool where it was housed."

Re: The Most Abused Orca in the World

PLEASE SIGN IT THE PETITION!If you dont want to read the whole article at least sign the petition from Change. The link is on the website. Yes you have to fill out your name and address but it only takes 2 minutes.