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Please take a look at our new assessment tool!

Psychological Assessment Made Simple
Increasingly psychotherapists and other medical professionals are under pressure to make time spent with patients more effective, and to be able to document that effectiveness for the insurance industry. Expensive assessment tools that measure only one construct or require lengthy examination and scoring times devour too much of a clinician's valuable resources of time and money.

Our new self-report psychological assessment called QPASS (Quick Psychoaffective Symptoms Scan) measures depression, anxiety, anger and related constructs in one test, quickly (10 minutes), economically ($.69 per use) and achieves multiple benefits for the health care professional and, ultimately, for the patient. In 105 economically worded questions QPASS aids the clinician in the following ways and more:

• Reveals "red flag" behaviors: (such as drug or alcohol abuse) in addition to measuring the constructs of depression, anxiety and anger.

• Assists in diagnosis: QPASS assessment criteria is highly consistent with that of many mental disorders described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR).

• Augments clinical interviews: Covering 105 symptoms of psycho-pathology, QPASS can collect a vast amount of symptom information, some of which a patient may be reluctant to reveal in a verbal interview.

• Maximizes face-face time with patients: In the same way blood pressure and temperature readings take place before a physician enters the exam room, QPASS can be administered to a patient in the waiting room and the resulting "psychological vital signs" placed into the health care professional's hands before clinical interaction takes place.

• Helps structure clinical interactions: With a quick scan of assessment results, the clinician can determine priority in scheduling patients and zero-in on high priority problem areas for individuals.

• Tracks progress in treatment: By administering QPASS at measured intervals, indications of improvement in psychological functioning can be tracked and therapy goals can be defined.

• Clinical documentation: QPASS results are ideal documentation for submission to managed care organizations to support diagnoses and treatment plans

• Legal documentation: Documented symptom data can be valuable evidence in support of diagnostic and treatment decisions, in event of litigation.

• Outcome evaluation: Using QPASS as a "before and after" measurement can be helpful in evaluating the effectiveness of mental health care.

• Aftercare: QPASS can be a valuable aftercare tool, administered after discharge to evaluate a patient's continued well-being or need for more clinical intervention.

• Provides data for further research: An excellent tool for both publishable research and for effectiveness of individual interventions, clinicians or institutions.

QPASS is available to mental health professionals only (Master's degree or greater). More information on QPASS, including psychometrics, ordering information and a free pdf of QPASS Quick Facts is available online at


The author of QPASS is Dr. Scott Lownsdale, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in private practice in Rockford, Illinois since 1993. His articles have been published in the Journal of Personality Assessment and the Journal of Psychology & Theology. Information about Dr. Lownsdale can be found at

Or check out this link to a recent article about QPASS that appears at

Re: Please take a look at our new assessment tool!

Can you tell me what population this assessment has been normed using?

Also, if the assessment has been researched, how many people were included in the study?

I would appreciate the information as it sounds like a useful tool.

Thank you,

Re: Please take a look at our new assessment tool!

The QPASS scoring system is based on norms in 495 adult mental health outpatients and 71 college students.

Download more quick facts on QPASS at:

Or visit our website, for full information and to order.

Thanks for your interest.

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