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Readings by Lisa's Forum
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When I grow up…

Have you been worried lately that the child you gave birth to and sacrificed for, the child you used to be so close to, is now starting to act distant and aloof? Is he/she hiding in their bedroom, barely coming out to eat or use the bathroom? And let’s not begin to mention the weird makeup, piercings, and various other body adornments that you know you’ll be able to blackmail them with in about 10 years or so. And, of course, this includes the dreaded black clothing that bugs you and – let’s admit it – freaks you out a bit. Well, fear not! Wearing black is actually helping your child. Black is the color of protection. It reflects negativity, which is why we wear it to funerals! And if your teen is a female, more the better – as black is the color representing the Power of the Crone. Speaking of Color Therapy, have you had some trouble getting your boss to appreciate you? Or are you trying to convince your parents/teachers/bosses that you can handle that car/promotion? Then wear brown. Brown stands for stability and security and can cause others to see you as responsible and dependable.