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You are so right. The email below is timely. Those with money and law control our country. But most of my class mates at Howard Law School in Washington, DC USA, who graduated in 1971 went to law school for jobs. That was alright. But there is more to school than profession. All Africans who are seriously pursuing professions should bear in mind that one day, they will retire from the works and then what? Now that we are retired, they are idle waiting for their burial. What a shame. Now is the time to give to our communities legal aids and because they were not taught the need to give to communities their services; they call me telling me to do what Europeans and Arabs do best in retirements. VACATION. Most students are eager to graduate, get a job and marry a wonam of their liking. Having chidren is normal for a man and a woman but raising children is more than having children. At school, we must develop an attitude towards our communities and our enslavement to the Europeans and Arabs otherwise our education is meaningless. Since Africa is only 55 years old, we have no national and social experiences. Our forefathers'experiences have been cast out as bogus and no good for only what we have learnt from the Europeans and Arabs are good!!!/ We have work to do. May be we need to form an association of retired African jurists to help in solving some of our prison and social problems. What do you think?. MONEY IS NOT EVERTHING at retiment. Visit us at

Dr. Kofi Agyapong

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Dear Colleague, Family and Friends

I am sending this announcement to everyone in my contact list. I know that for some of you it is completely irrelevant. However, the issue is so important that I rather risk over notification than under. I hope that even if you can't use the information you might forward to individuals or organizations that can.

Prof. Randall
Announcement: 2012 Law School Summer Online Boot Camp
Dates: June 15 through August 15

Having more lawyers' of color is essential to the well-being of the nation and of communities of color. In fact, a recent National Jurist Article, a journal for law students, talked about the disappearing black and Latino law student. This is particularly problematic. The power in this country is held by those who control the money and the law. The decreasing number of black and Mexican-American attorney is in fact a decrease in power. The JD Project ( ) is committed to reversing that trend. One our projects is to assure that entering law students of color do well in law school, particularly their first year. This is important so that they can maximize their career options and be prepared to give back to their community with legal knowledge, skills and support.

Everyone admitted to law school has demonstrated similar intelligence, commitment and effort. What distinguishes "A" students is study skills and habits, access to legal information, analytical and test-taking skills. All these are skills and abilities that can be learned and improved. In our more than 40 years of experience of helping students-of-color succeed, we have seen the impact that intense preparation can have on a student's ability to excel. In a competitive environment, like law school, where grades are given based on how a person performs compared to the other students in the class, it is essential that entering law students-of-color be appropriately prepared.

The 2012 Summer Boot Camp ( ) is an online distance learning program designed to provide that intense preparation. The Boot Camp teaches students to study effectively for law school, introduces students to the writing, thinking and test-taking skills needed to excel on law school exams, and builds a network of academic support that crosses school boundaries. The participants will work on the study skills, strategies and techniques they will need to achieve their goals as law students.

This is a 150 hour online program which costs $750, if paid in full by the start of program; $1005 dollars if paid in installment. Other programs, like BarBri cost $2000 for a 40 hour program.

Admission is on a rolling basis till the program is filled. If you know a black, Latino, Asian, Native American person who is planning to go to law school in the fall 2012 or a dismissed wanting to prepare for readmission, please forward this email to them.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at,

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