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JANE MALUKA's websites and links are CLEAN & SAFE to visit!

It IS 4Peace Love Harmony Unity! GLOBAL RESPECT! ONE WORLD - ONE LOVE!
.. 'malicious-dangerous' ?

Facebook is exposing I-my work to harassment because I stand up fearless, ask for respect, and question their integrity. Many fellow artistes, and others, are sharing their links on Facebook, seemingly with no problem.

Reason: I have taken clear public stand, raised my voice on my FB Profile wall against general FB violations of privacy, and violence by forced changes to 'Timeline' without consent.
Big number of Facebook users say no to it. Further, FB seems very 'annoyed' I choose to keep my mobile phone ID private.
Since then, my Facebook moves have been monitored, considerably restricted; threats keep pop up during profile administration. Now locked.
Mark Zuckerberg and staff are living on Us, You and I. Think about it.
Thanks for help "FREE" Jane Maluka's profile to restore access, and free links from Facebook violations. Post a Comment.

FYI 'unsafe' links and websites are mostly caught and listed as such in search engines and own browser-pc security software. CHECK Jane Maluka on web for status.
=> See for Self, think for Self choose for Self . Freedom. Never just assume or allow be manipulated, always check with source of origin - Jane Maluka

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Main profile account still locked for access, though visible to public. Warnings still attached to links.

Thanks for having been with me so far. Lovely warm and comforting feeling. Blessings. God hears prayers.

Blessings Unlimited!

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Re: JANE MALUKA's websites and links are CLEAN & SAFE to visit!

Thanks heartfelt Oliver Mbamara for your lightspeed spontaneous acts of loving kindness and support to my works and emphases; on my Facebook profile, and in The Light of Day outside, on your public website, posting my press release as above.

Blessings from heaven by your hands heart soul and feet.
Highly appreciated. I appreciate you and your greatness of spirit and character much.

Same so the beautiful diversity of your multifacet creative spirit shining to uplift and enlighten our life and planet. Humanity per se.

Remain blessed!
Jane Maluka

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