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Monday, June 20, 2011 - His Excellency Prince Adegboyega Christopher Ariyo, the High Commissioner of Nigeria to Namibia, threw a dinner reception for the internationally acclaimed empowerment guru, Dr. Chika Onyeani, at the Ambassador's mansion in one of the hills surrounding Windhoek, capital of Namibia. Onyeani was invited to Namibia to spread an empowerment message based on his "Spider Web Economic Doctrine," laid out in his book Capitalist ******: The Road to Success, to the people of Namibia during the launching of "The Villager," the second newspaper in Namibia to be black-owned. Several African Ambassadors and Namibian leaders attended the reception, including the Publisher and founder of "The Villager," Mr. John Nangombe Walenga, and members of his company responsible for arranging Onyeani’s trip to Namibia. Joining the occasion were a large number of selected Nigerian personalities, Onyeani’s wife, Chief Mrs. Loretta Onyeani, and his manager, Mr. Shelvin Longmire, who is also Managing Director of the Global Africa Media Group, a subsidiary of the African Sun Times.

Speaking on the occasion, His Excellency Prince Ariyo said that he was highly impressed with Dr. Onyeani's visit to Namibia and pleased to see an accomplished Nigerian being held in high esteem by the Namibian public. Those honoring Onyeani included the former President and Father of the Nation, Dr. Sam Nujoma, who hosted a five-hour lunch with the Onyeani party and the current President Hifikepunye Pohamba, who added plaudits regarding Onyeani’s work during the launch of "The Villager." He was especially happy that a Nigerian of such high standing provided a different perception of Nigeria, other than that of a "419,” referring to the well known Nigerian scam perpetrated worldwide.

It must be noted that Onyeani’s book is a best seller in Namibia and that his reputation preceded him wherever he went, even including being recognized by airline personnel en route. Throughout the country Dr. Onyeani’s message of empowerment has been welcomed by those seeking to better the lives of their families and countrymen. Also Publisher and Editor of the African Sun Times, the largest African weekly in the United States, Onyeani has been on a crusade for years to shake people up with brash and sometimes outrageous statements.

Mr. John Walenga, a member of the SWAPO Central Committee, and Managing Director of the Omalaeti Media Group, publishers of the Prime Focus Magazine, as well as the newly launched "The Villager," spoke highly of His Excellency Ambassador Ariyo, who he noted is highly regarded and loved by Namibians. He thanked the Ambassador for honoring Dr. Onyeani, whose book Capitalist ****** was very influential and instrumental in starting his publishing empire three years ago when he started the "Prime Focus" magazine. He said that it was necessary for him to spare no expenditure in getting Dr. Onyeani to Namibia to address the Namibian people during the launch of his new publishing venture, "The Villager," because though they had thoroughly imbibed Onyeani's message and could deliver it as well as he could, he felt his people would listen more seriously if Onyeani delivered the message himself.

For his part, Dr. Onyeani thanked His Excellency Prince Ariyo for going out of his way to welcome him in every way possible since former Gen. Ishola Williams (retired) informed him of his coming to Namibia, including rushing back from a very important trip to join him in a dinner of traditional Namibian food organized by Mr. Walenga, as well as attending all the events for which he had been invited. He said that it was a great honor and would greatly cherish the generosity of His Excellency. Onyeani used the occasion to thank the Namibian people for holding him in such high esteem and for their continued faith and application of the Capitalist ******'s Spider Web Doctrine, as well as continuing to make the book the No.1 bestselling book in Namibia. Finger tasting Nigerian food was served in large quantity, including vegetable and agbono soup, rice and stew and all kinds of Nigerian knick-knacks.

Onyeani. who is the Chairman of the African Union Diaspora Task Team (AUDTT), returned to the U.S. on June 22, 2011, but has since been re-invited to Harare, Zimbabwe where he was a keynote speaker last year with the same group arranging for him to speak in Johannesburg; to Zambia in August; to South Africa by the big accounting firm Deloitte and Co during a major company conference, as well as to give the First Memorial Lecture on Mphalele at the University of South Africa.

A major celebration of the 10th anniversary of "Capitalist ****** - The Road to Success - A Spider Web Doctrine," is being planned.

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