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NdiIgbo in the New York area - Free Igbo Language Lessons for Ibo children sponsored by Igbo Org.

Please encourage your children to attend free Igbo-Language lesson on Saturday July 14, 2012 as a continuation of 2012 Summer program sponsored by Igbo Organization Inc. N.Y for Igbo Language ; Maths; English language lessons for all Igbo children in our community .

It is a bragging rite to boast that Igbo Children in the USA are doing very well Academically, Socially and Athletically (ASA). But as they climb higher and higher in their respective pursuits in life, one important aspect - "A sorry lack of Igbo language knowledge" keeps eluding them. Why?

Though not our children’s' faults, Igbo parents all over the World, have failed woefully in inculcating Igbo Language, Culture and Values into our children as they mature into adulthood. Our collective failure is very discouraging given the fact that we live in a melting-pot society" where every culture seems to be getting ahead in eminence while ours tend to be disappearing into oblivion.

Reacting against the current linguistic and cultural setbacks with an "Ọzọ Enena" mantra, the Igbo Organization Inc., NY proposes to start Igbo Language Lessons this Summer, 2012. The first Lesson will began on, July 7, 2010 at Obi-Igbo Cultural Center.
Any Igbo Family willing to encourage her Children to learn Igbo language should bring them to Obigbo Cultural Center on this Saturday July 14, 2012 for continuation of our Summer 2012 program for Maths; English and igbo Language lessons for all igbo children within our community.

Address: 190-01 Linden Boulevard, Saint Albans, NY 11412

Registration: 11 AM to 11:30 AM
Class Starts: 12 Noon Promptly. (No Lateness will be tolerated)
Ends: 2 PM with breaks and refreshments.

What each student can learn:
1. The ability to introduce oneself

2) Ability to say father, mother, brother, sister, uncle in Igbo
3) The ability to say Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good night in Igbo language
4) The ability to say Give me something, Take something
5) The Ability to answer simple questions in Igbo such as Kedu?etc
6) The ability to sing a song in Igbo
7) Much more .........................
Terms of Service:
By taking the class, each family accepts that the lesson can be showcased on Youtube without further parental permission. Each student is encouraged to dressed up as Nwatakiri (Nwantakili) Igbo.
(Be proud of your Igbo heritage and culture)

Lessons will be Online. But students are encouraged to come with Notebooks and writing materials.
Note: Cell phones are not allowed and must to be turned off while in Class. Laptops with Internet connections are allowed and encouraged.


Jephter Njoku

Mr. Nicholas I. Iheanacho Nwaogu

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